Banner Process & FAQs

To simplify the banner process, please see some FAQ’s and a quick process breakdown. As always, reach out if you have any questions!

A quick outline of what happens when you book a sports banner session.

Banner sessions are a unique opportunity for teams to get a 3 foot x 6 foot vinyl banner to display at games. PLUS, parents have the opportunity to have a gallery of 3-5 images of their child to purchase. I started this line of business after noticing I had a ton of house pictures throughout the year, but no individual and team photos after years of travel. It’s a great product for parents and coaches, and an experience for the athletes as they feel like rockstars on picture day.


Click here to fill out a short questionnaire that will help answer some questions to get the project started. This will start the process.


Pick your date

After you fill out your questionnaire, you will receive a link to pick your 2-hour time slot. Work with your team to find the best date.

Sign contract/receive invoice

After your date is picked, you will receive a quick contract to sign and the invoice. Pay on-line before your session, or on the day with cash/check


Athlete Sign-up

Managing times for everyone to come in can be difficult. A link for 10-minute sessions will take sent so parents can pick the time that works best for them. 


Follow-up prior to shoot

A quick reach out a few days before the shoot will help ensure that everyone has their time picked out, and allow time for you to follow up with those that need it.



Show up with full uniform and equipment. Arrive a few minutes early and you’ll be done in 10 minutes. We will take a few poses, some smiling, some without.


Banner Approval

Making sure everything is perfect before the banner is important. You’ll receive a draft of the banner. Ensure names and sizing is accurate and if you have sponsors, they are all there.


Parent Gallery

The great thing about these banner sessions is that parents have the ability to order team and individual images. A link the the gallery will be emailed.



About 2-3 weeks after the banner approval, your items will be available for pickup. All parents that ordered in the first week will have their images available with the banner. 

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Index of Questions

Who approves the banner?

During the questionnaire process, a name will be given for final approval. Typically this is the head or assistant coach. This helps minimize the back and forth. Coaches will also have final say in how many catchers are shown on the banner. 

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No. Each athlete is photographed in similar poses. We do a smile and a “game face” for each pose. This allows for a variety of images to build the banner. For the individuals, there will be 2-3 options in the gallery. Because of the time associated with each individual photo, there is a $30 request for each requested change or pose.

What happens on the day of the shoot?

Parents and their child/children will arrive at the studio. Parents should be dressed and have all their gear/equipment. Parents will sign a model release and write their child’s first name, last name, and jersey number on a whiteboard. When it’s your child’s turn, they’ll hold the sign up for their first picture (so we can keep track of who is who). Then we will walk them through about 10-12 different poses. Each pose they will do a smiling pose (because parents typically love pictures of their child smiling!) and then a “game face”, which is more of a straight face, because they look cooler on the banner.

Does everyone have to be there at the same time?

No! And it works out so great given everyone’s crazy schedules. Each athlete will sign up for a 10-minute time slot on their shoot day. This way parents know what time and can get in and out. All the photos are put together in photoshop in post production.

How long do I have to order?

There will be a team gallery that parents can order from. If parents order in the first week of the gallery launching, they will be able to choose from the full store and have the ability to receive free shipping. All the orders placed in the first week will be picked up with the banner. The gallery will stay open for a total of 4-weeks, after the first week, not all items will be available, and prints will be sent to your house.

How and when do we pick up the banner?

The banner and the parent orders will be available for pickup around 3 weeks after the banner draft is approved by the coaches. The main contact will be told when the items are ready, and whoever is picking up the items can contact us to get a day and time set.

Can I have another child I'd like to have photographed too?

I do offer sibling sessions. You can find more information here. If you are interested, please email to ensure there are enough time slots available on your team’s day.  Photos must be on the same day, in back-to-back time slots.

What do we need for the day of the shoot?

Pretend it’s game day! Everyone should have the same uniform on, from head to toe. We will use your glove, bat, and helmet. If you are a catcher, you will get photos taken in your catcher’s gear as well.