Meet Carrie

On a mission to make you comfortable & confident in your portraits.

Owner and Head Photographer

To sum it up...

I am a multi-passionate photographer who has a love for portrait, branding and sports photography. And, if I’m being honest, I don’t often get out of sweatpants/leggings unless I have to.

My World in Photos

If you want to know more about me

A busy mom running two businesses and chasing three kids to different courts and fields. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Since I was a little girl, I set my path and never wavered. I wanted a big education and a corporate job in marketing. Does anyone remember Angela Bower…from ‘Who’s the Boss’…her…I wanted to be her.  And if that doesn’t date me, I don’t know what will…

But, back to my story, I set forth and accomplished my goals, one at a time. I received my BA in International Business & Economics by the time I was 19; after working for a bit, I went back for my MBA. From there I finally moved into Corporate America! I spent over 12 years in a marketing role for a global consumer goods company. I had many roles, from an intern, to forecasting, international marketing, product development and brand management. A pivotal piece that influenced where I am today was being part of a team that worked on a global rebrand. We spent almost a year uncovering our Brand’s DNA, mission statement, positioning, unique value proposition and product line to match. This was a career changing experience to be a part of.

From there I transitioned into a polar opposite area, a local service company. The largest lesson I took from here was to LISTEN from a consumer’s position and to structure your marketing efforts accordingly.  If you listen and provide THEM value, it will benefit you in the long run. It’s about providing your client and prospect with VALUE and having them be attracted to your business, then always asking for a sale.

While I was working on my career, I worked on my life outside of work. I managed to build a small circus. At the wildest time we had 3 kids under 3 and 3 dogs…and not the small kinds (husky, Bernese Mountain Dog and a Golden Retriever). There is a good chance if you were to drop by my house, we are either not home (because we live on a ball field/court) or I’d have a pile of dishes in my sink, cold coffee in an oversized mug, clothes left in the washer because I forgot, one kid working on their basketball skills and probably two locked in their rooms.

The beginning of that crazy family led me to a journey in photography. It started in about 2007 when I bought my first DLSR camera to document my first-borns life.  It picked up steam in 2011 when I officially opened up my photography business. 

So that brings us to now! It was the first time in my life where I looked at that childhood dream I stuck with after all these years, and began to re-evaluate what brought me joy. I no longer just wanted to work for a single company, I wanted to create a business that provided value to companies, individuals and families. I would be able to take my years of marketing, branding and photography to deliver solutions that meet your needs; from an outsourced marketing resource, branding photography to heirloom portraits.

A brand is how you want the world to see you, either as a company, a leader, a trendsetter or a family. My passion is helping you build, craft and document that brand.

If you read this far, know this, one thing that I cherish more than anything is photos. Photos from my parent’s youth, from my childhood, and of my family each and every year. I want to provide you and your family with photos you will cherish for years to come.